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ARCHES Unveils Community Benefits Pathway Strategy for California’s Renewable Hydrogen Hub 

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November 16, 2023                                                                                                                                      

LOS ANGELES – On October 13th, the Biden-Harris Administration announced that the California Hydrogen Hub, led by the Alliance for Renewable Clean Energy Hydrogen Energy Systems (ARCHES), was selected to become one of seven federally funded hydrogen hubs under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. 

As a foundational component of its hydrogen hub proposal and application to the Department of Energy, ARCHES developed a cutting-edge Community Benefits Pathways Strategy.The document outlines a collaborative approach designed to empower communities to actively participate in shaping their own energy, environmental, and economic future. It puts forward a comprehensive framework to facilitate engagement with community members and establish partnerships with local grassroots organizations. This approach hinges on actively listening to, learning from, and incorporating community member feedback to ensure projects deliver meaningful benefits. 

ARCHES is committed to delivering tangible environmental and air quality benefits as well as access to quality jobs and economic development opportunities for project adjacent residents and minority businesses–with initial projections of nearly $3B in health savings per year and over 200,000 family supporting jobs. The Community Benefits Pathways process–centered on community input–will help make those projections and become reality. 

In addition to cleaning the air and creating jobs in California’s most impacted communities, the process will result in community-led plans that will play a crucial role in the allocation of funds, ensuring that resources are directed to areas of highest priority as determined by community input and needs assessment. In addition, the innovative Community Benefits Monitoring Team, working with local liaison organizations, will have a powerful oversight role to ensure the community benefits plans and milestones are met and delivered. 

“Today’s release is another milestone in our collective path to creating a hydrogen ecosystem that directly benefits California’s most impacting communities,” said Angelina Galiteva, ARCHES CEO. “This community centered approach is a foundational first step in a continual and ongoing process to ensure community priorities are reflected in everything ARCHES does.” 

Joy Langford, ARCHES Chief Community Officer, emphasized, “ARCHES’ Community Benefits Pathways document is a testament to our commitment to inclusivity and community engagement. It seeks to understand and respond to the unique needs of each community. This initiative embodies a true partnership between industry, labor, academic institutions, government agencies and the people of California.” 

Chris Hannan, President of the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California added, “ARCHES Community Benefits Pathways Plan signifies California’s leadership in environmental responsibility and economic progress. It will not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also create jobs, attract investments, and promote innovation in the clean energy sector.” 

Yvonne Wheeler, President of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, added, “I am absolutely thrilled to hear about ARCHES’ upcoming announcements of the community benefits for California’s renewable hydrogen hub. It’s incredibly inspiring to see a focus on not just innovation in sustainable energy, but a strong commitment to the community at its core and preserving good, union jobs as we transition into a renewable energy economy.” 

José L. Pérez, President and CEO of Hispanics in Energy added, “Hispanics In Energy is excited to collaborate closely with ARCHES – California’s Renewable Clean Hydrogen Hub Leadership – in structuring and implementing the Community Benefits Pathways Strategy for the proposed hydrogen projects. Given California’s rich diversity, with Hispanics constituting over 40%, Asians 16.0%, Blacks 7%, and Native Americans 2%, the organization emphasizes the importance of inclusive success. The commitment of the ARCHES Team to ensure that all Californians, irrespective of their background, benefit from the significant potential of this important Hydrogen initiative is a key goal that our organization endorses and supports.” 

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