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Support for ARCHES

“For decades, California has led the clean energy charge. Now, with the federal funding secured through ARCHES, California is set to unleash the tremendous benefits of clean hydrogen in California. I want to thank the Governor, the University of California System and the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development for their leadership and congratulate them on securing this historic funding.”

“The California Hydrogen Hub is a critical step in financing the commercialization of the hydrogen industry to provide high-quality, green hydrogen This project serves as a model to incentivize various partners to come together to maximize federal resources that support California’s climate transition goals.”

“The incredible public/private partnership which showed innovation, tenacity and commitment to a science-based model to craft climate change solutions and as a consequence California’s application to the Department of Energy, ARCHES, was selected and received one of the highest allocations of federal grant funding in the history of California. The Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development’s leadership and work detailed California’s capacity for hydrogen production and demonstrated the benefits to be reaped from further investment in hydrogen. The federal Hydrogen Hub Award, along with future investment, will provide for significant job creation, emission reductions, and local community economic growth. The ARCHES Hub sites that traverse the Central Valley, which suffers from some of the worst air pollution and high rates of unemployment in California, will create a great foundation for environmental protection and economic growth for my district: Senate District 14. I send my congratulations to all of the ARCHES partners and share in the enthusiasm that the largest single federal funding award in the history of California deserves.”

“Hydrogen will be an essential ingredient for California in rapidly and equitably decarbonizing our economy. The development of a robust and economically viable green hydrogen market in our state will lay the foundation for transitioning so many of our carbon-intensive industries, sectors, and uses to truly green energy. As a member of the Senate Committees on Energy and Transportation and Chair of the Select Committee on Transitioning to a Zero-Emission Energy Future, this record award represents a quantum step forward in our green energy transition, and I’m very grateful for the combined leadership of the ARCHES team, GO-Biz, and the federal government in catalyzing these historic investments.”

“I’m grateful our federal and state governments are making necessary investments in hydrogen to help build a cleaner future. These new funds will enable us to expand our clean energy initiatives, focusing on powering public transportation, heavy-duty trucks, and on land and seaport operations. We must continue to plan and invest in hydrogen to benefit all parts of California.”

“As Chair of the Assembly Budget Committee overseeing the Climate Crisis, I saw how seamlessly Governor Newsom, GO-Biz, and the ARCHES team professionally developed a competitive application. This presents a fantastic opportunity for California. We have led in setting aggressive climate and energy goals. This award allows us to lead again by ensuring a robust hydrogen economy that supplements our existing work in clean energy. I look forward to continuing to work on this issue with my colleagues and the administration. We must wisely invest these federal funds, and any state matching dollars, to maximize the benefit to our economy and environment.”

“Today’s historic investment moves us one step closer to achieving our climate goals and ensuring that hydrogen is front and center in how we get there. This year, I authored AB 1711, which sought to ensure that progress toward establishing a statewide hydrogen-fueling network is equally accessible to all communities. I am ready to work should-to-shoulder with key stakeholders to advance an equitable clean hydrogen future that will meet the needs of California’s disadvantaged and overlooked communities, like the ones I represent, while bringing thousands of sustainable high-quality jobs.”

“Following record-setting volumes at California’s ports, federal investment is critical to ensure that our ports and goods movement ecosystem is robust, efficient, and clean. This federal funding secured through ARCHES exemplifies that need and, furthermore, it will align directly with projects funded by California’s historic state investment in our ports and freight infrastructure. As the chair of the select committee on ports and goods movement, I am thrilled to hear of this funding and look forward to working with local, state, and federal partners in building a cleaner supply chain for tomorrow across our state and nation.”

“Cleaning the air while creating good paying jobs is a win-win for the community. Implementation of this program will not only benefit goods movement corridors but also transit centers across the state.”

“I am ecstatic that the US Department of Energy has selected California to be a recipient of much-needed funding for hydrogen infrastructure. California is a global leader in climate change and the gold standard for this nation in climate policies. However, to reach our ambitious climate goals we must be nimble, flexible, and open to a diverse energy portfolio. Hydrogen is part of that solution, which is why this year I authored AB 324. I want to commend ARCHES for leading the application process for these funds and I look forward to working with all involved parties in ensuring the money is used to better all Californians.”

“I am grateful for the federal funding awarded to California to expand our hydrogen fueling network. Hydrogen is an important tool to equitably and efficiently transition our transportation sector to alternative fuel sources. I am excited to see the collaboration of private and public funds supporting this important technology.”