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ARCHES Encouraged by DOE to Submit Full California Hydrogen Hub Proposal

We are very happy to report that ARCHES has been encouraged by the DOE to submit a full California Hydrogen Hub proposal.

The DOE received a total of 79 H2 Hub proposals, and only 33 of those have been encouraged to proceed to the next phase. Many helped ARCHES achieve this milestone, whether through direct contributions to the proposal, preliminary project submissions, conversations and discussions that helped develop the key ideas, and/or by contributing to California’s H2 industry and infrastructure upon which all of this depends.

ARCHES is well positioned to become one of the 6 to 10 winning hubs. Importantly, our core ARCHES proposal strategy to build a California H2 ecosystem and integrated infrastructure is reflected by the DOE as the preferred direction.

We look forward to working with all ARCHES  partners to finalize and submit a comprehensive Statewide H2 Hub proposal by April 7, 2023, as we continue to decarbonize California’s economy, while improving local air quality and providing tangible benefits to frontline communities.