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State Legislators Across California Unite in Support of Efforts to Establish a Hydrogen Hub 

A hydrogen (H2) hub in the Golden State will accelerate the development and deployment of renewable, clean H2 projects and infrastructure.

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May 11, 2023                                                                                                                             

Sacramento – Recently, the Alliance for Renewable Clean Hydrogen Energy Systems (ARCHES) submitted an application to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to make California home to one of the nation’s first clean Hydrogen (H2) hubs. As support continues to grow for the effort, legislators across the state have joined to echo the benefits a clean H2 hub will have in the Golden State. The DOE plans to award $8 billion for up to 10 regional H2 hubs across the country. 

Dozens of legislators have signed a letter with bipartisan support for the recent application. If the DOE selects California as one of the regional hubs, it would create hundreds of thousands of jobs and clean H2 projects in legislative districts across the state. 

“We’re honored to have such a remarkable, bipartisan group of legislators supporting ARCHES,” said Angelina Galiteva, ARCHES Acting Chief Executive Officer. “ARCHES is committed to prioritizing projects that will improve the quality of life for California’s citizens and communities and we look forward to continued collaboration and partnership with legislators and local elected officials to bring these projects to life in an equitable and just manner.”

ARCHES, announced as the organizer for California’s DOE application last year, is a statewide public-private partnership designed to accelerate H2’s contribution to decarbonizing the state’s economy and will build on California’s long-standing H2 and renewable energy leadership. The Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) has joined with the University of California, state agencies, elected leaders, organized labor, businesses associated with hydrogen, as well as non-profit and industry organizations to build the framework for California’s renewable, clean H2 hub. 

In March, California State Senator and Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Hydrogen Bob Archuleta introduced Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 21, which urged ARCHES “to prioritize renewable, clean hydrogen for California,” and “focus its efforts in communities with the largest pollution burden for an environmentally just transition…”

“We are grateful for the legislature’s ongoing support for hydrogen as part of California’s clean energy transition and are committed to working with them to prioritize renewable, clean hydrogen for the state,” said Dee Dee Myers, Senior Advisor to the Governor and Director of GO-Biz. “GO-Biz is a proud partner in the ARCHES application and is hopeful we will receive the H2 hub award to build out these state-of-the-art projects in the coming years.”

California has set ambitious climate and clean air goals, including achieving carbon neutrality economy-wide by 2045. To hit these goals, the state must dramatically reduce its reliance on fossil fuels.

State legislators that have voiced their support for ARCHES as California’s hydrogen hub to date include:

California State Senate

Sen. Bob Archuleta SD-30

Sen. Marie Alvarado Gil (SD-04)

Sen. Josh Becker (SD-13)

Sen. Catherine Blakespear (SD-38)

Sen. Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh (SD-23)

Sen. Steven Bradford (SD-35)

Sen. Anna Caballero (SD-14)

Sen. Dave Cortese (SD-15)

Sen. Bill Dodd (SD-03)

Sen. Maria Elena Durazo (SD-26)

Sen. Melissa Hurtado (SD-16)

Sen. Brian Jones (SD-40)

Sen. Caroline Menjivar (SD-20)

Sen. Dave Min (SD-37)

Sen. Josh Newman (SD-29)

Sen. Roger Niello (SD-06)

Sen. Nancy Skinner (SD-09)

Sen. Scott Wilk (SD-21)

Sen. Susan Rubio, (SD-22)

Sen. Richard Roth (SD-31)

Sen. Thomas Umberg (SD-34)

Sen. Aisha Wahab (SD-10)

California State Assembly

Speaker Anthony Rendon (AD-62)

Asm. Steve Bennett (AD-38)

Asm. James Gallagher (AD-03)

Asm. Dawn Addis (AD-30)

Asm. Juan Alanis (AD-22)

Asm. Tasha Boerner Horvath (AD-77)

Asm. Isaac Bryan (AD-55)

Asm. Wendy Carrillo (AD-52)

Asm. Greg Wallis (AD-47)

Asm. Buffy Wicks (AD-14)

Asm. Jim Wood (AD-02)

Asm. Devon Mathis (AD-33)

Asm. Mike Gipson (AD-65)

Asm. Josh Lowenthal (AD-69)

Asm. Lori Wilson (AD-11)

Asm. Dr. Akilah Weber (AD-79)

Asm. Phil Chen (AD-59)

Asm. Juan Carrillo (AD-39)

Asm. Mike Bonta (AD-18)

Asm. Marc Berman (AD-23)

Asm. Dr. Joaquin Arambula (AD-31)

Asm. Carlos Villapudua (AD-13)

Asm. Cecilia Aguiar-Curry (AD-04)

Asm. Laurie Davies (AD-74)

Asm. Heath Flora (AD-09)

Asm. Matt Haney (AD-17)

Asm. Josh Hoover (AD-07)

Asm. Alex Lee (AD-24)

Asm. Kevin McCarty (AD-06)

Asm. Al Muratsuchi (AD-66)

Asm. Diane Papan (AD-21)

Asm. Cottie Petrie-Norris (AD-73)

Asm. James Ramos (AD-45)

Asm. Freddie Rodriguez (AD-53)

Asm. Phil Ting (AD-19)

Asm. Avelino Valencia (AD-68)

Asm. Pilar Schiavo (AD-40)

Asm. Robert Rivas (AD-29)

Asm. Sharon Quirk-Silva (AD-67)

Asm. Gail Pellerin (AD-28)

Asm. Stephanie Nguyen (AD-10)

Asm. Tina McKinnor (AD-61)

Asm. Evan Low (AD-26)

Asm. Dr. Corey Jackson (AD-60)

Asm. Chris Holden (AD-41)

Asm. Timothy Grayson (AD-15)

Asm. Mike Fong (AD-49)

Asm. Diane Dixon (AD-72)


ARCHES is California’s public-private hydrogen (H2) hub consortium to accelerate the development and deployment of renewable, clean H2 projects and infrastructure. Clean H2 can supplement renewable energy sources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and advance a zero-carbon economy. The US Department of Energy will award $8 billion to up to 10 regional H2 hubs to build self-sustaining H2 economies of producers, infrastructure, and users. In partnership with the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz), ARCHES unites key public and private stakeholders to build the framework for a California renewable, clean H2 hub.

ARCHES includes major planned deployments in the Los Angeles Basin and SF Bay Areas, and across the Central Valley, Inland Empire, and other regions. Using 100% renewable resources, ARCHES projects will dramatically reduce GHG and pollutant emissions, improve the lives of California’s citizens, and produce hundreds of thousands of good, green careers for California’s workforce.

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