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WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: California Awarded Up to $1.2 Billion to Advance Hydrogen Roadmap 

For Immediate Release                                                                                                                                   Contact: Molly Weedn

October 16, 2023                                                                                                                                   

Sacramento – Earlier this week, the Alliance for Renewable Clean Hydrogen Energy Systems (ARCHES), was awarded up to $1.2 billion in funding for innovative renewable hydrogen (h2) projects along California’s major transportation corridors. California was one of seven hubs announced as part of President Biden’s H2Hub program, to create regional clean hydrogen hubs across the country. 

Stakeholders across the state have praised the United States Department of Energy’s (DOE) award to California and have applauded the work ARCHES has done to secure the funding. Elected officials, first in class researchers, leading labor unions, non-profit organizations, community advocates and others have weighed in with support: 


“For decades, California has led the clean energy charge. Now, with the federal funding secured through ARCHES, California is set to unleash the tremendous benefits of clean hydrogen in California. I want to thank the Governor, the University of California System and the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development for their leadership and congratulate them on securing this historic funding.”  State Senator Bob Archuleta (D-Pico Rivera)

“The California Hydrogen Hub is a critical step in financing the commercialization of the hydrogen industry to provide high-quality, green hydrogen This project serves as a model to incentivize various partners to come together to maximize federal resources that support California’s climate transition goals.” – State Senator Josh Becker (D-Menlo Park) 

“The incredible public/private partnership which showed innovation, tenacity and commitment to a science-based model to craft climate change solutions and as a consequence California’s application to the Department of Energy, ARCHES, was selected and received one of the highest allocations of federal grant funding in the history of California. The Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development’s leadership and work detailed California’s capacity for hydrogen production and demonstrated the benefits to be reaped from further investment in hydrogen. The federal Hydrogen Hub Award, along with future investment, will provide for significant job creation, emission reductions, and local community economic growth. The ARCHES Hub sites that traverse the Central Valley, which suffers from some of the worst air pollution and high rates of unemployment in California, will create a great foundation for environmental protection and economic growth for my district: Senate District 14. I send my congratulations to all of the ARCHES partners and share in the enthusiasm that the largest single federal funding award in the history of California deserves.” – State Senator Anna M. Caballero (D-Merced) 

“Hydrogen will be an essential ingredient for California in rapidly and equitably decarbonizing our economy. The development of a robust and economically viable green hydrogen market in our state will lay the foundation for transitioning so many of our carbon-intensive industries, sectors, and uses to truly green energy. As a member of the Senate Committees on Energy and Transportation and Chair of the Select Committee on Transitioning to a Zero-Emission Energy Future, this record award represents a quantum step forward in our green energy transition, and I’m very grateful for the combined leadership of the ARCHES team, GO-Biz, and the federal government in catalyzing these historic investments.” – State Senator Josh Newman (D-Fullerton) 

 “I’m grateful our federal and state governments are making necessary investments in hydrogen to help build a cleaner future. These new funds will enable us to expand our clean energy initiatives, focusing on powering public transportation, heavy-duty trucks, and on land and seaport operations. We must continue to plan and invest in hydrogen to benefit all parts of California.” – State Assemblymember David Alvarez (D- San Diego) 

“As Chair of the Assembly Budget Committee overseeing the Climate Crisis, I saw how seamlessly Governor Newsom, GO-Biz, and the ARCHES team professionally developed a competitive application. This presents a fantastic opportunity for California. We have led in setting aggressive climate and energy goals. This award allows us to lead again by ensuring a robust hydrogen economy that supplements our existing work in clean energy. I look forward to continuing to work on this issue with my colleagues and the administration. We must wisely invest these federal funds, and any state matching dollars, to maximize the benefit to our economy and environment.” – State Assemblymember Steve Bennett (D-Ventura) 

“Today’s historic investment moves us one step closer to achieving our climate goals and ensuring that hydrogen is front and center in how we get there. This year, I authored AB 1711, which sought to ensure that progress toward establishing a statewide hydrogen-fueling network is equally accessible to all communities. I am ready to work should-to-shoulder with key stakeholders to advance an equitable clean hydrogen future that will meet the needs of California’s disadvantaged and overlooked communities, like the ones I represent, while bringing thousands of sustainable high-quality jobs.” – State Assemblymember Juan Carrillo (D-Palmdale). 

“Following record-setting volumes at California’s ports, federal investment is critical to ensure that our ports and goods movement ecosystem is robust, efficient, and clean. This federal funding secured through ARCHES exemplifies that need and, furthermore, it will align directly with projects funded by California’s historic state investment in our ports and freight infrastructure. As the chair of the select committee on ports and goods movement, I am thrilled to hear of this funding and look forward to working with local, state, and federal partners in building a cleaner supply chain for tomorrow across our state and nation.” – State Assemblymember Mike A. Gipson (D-Carson) 

“Cleaning the air while creating good paying jobs is a win-win for the community.  Implementation of this program will not only benefit goods movement corridors but also transit centers across the state.” – State Assemblymember Josh Lowenthal (D-Long Beach) 

“I am ecstatic that the US Department of Energy has selected California to be a recipient of much-needed funding for hydrogen infrastructure. California is a global leader in climate change and the gold standard for this nation in climate policies. However, to reach our ambitious climate goals we must be nimble, flexible, and open to a diverse energy portfolio. Hydrogen is part of that solution, which is why this year I authored AB 324. I want to commend ARCHES for leading the application process for these funds and I look forward to working with all involved parties in ensuring the money is used to better all Californians.” – Assemblywoman Blanca Pacheco (D-Downey)

 “I am grateful for the federal funding awarded to California to expand our hydrogen fueling network. Hydrogen is an important tool to equitably and efficiently transition our transportation sector to alternative fuel sources. I am excited to see the collaboration of private and public funds supporting this important technology.” – Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez (D-Pomona)

“The City of Los Angeles is excited to be part of ARCHES and play a leading role in the future of renewable clean energy. We’re excited to realize projects in Los Angeles that will directly help clean our air and improve our environment for the next generation of Angelenos.” – Mayor Karen Bass, City of Los Angeles 

“The City of Lancaster has been an avid supporter of ARCHES since day one and has seen first-hand the benefits of clean renewable hydrogen. This award from the DOE to create a hydrogen hub here in California via ARCHES will directly accelerate the development and deployment of clean, renewable hydrogen projects and infrastructure and has our full support.” – Mayor R. Rex Parris, City of Lancaster 

“Long Beach is excited to partner with ARCHES to advance the clean hydrogen economy in California. We have the renewable resources, the innovative technologies, and the visionary leadership to make hydrogen a game-changer for our environment, our economy, and our community.” – Mayor Rex Richardson, City of Long Beach 

“As a strong proponent and early advocate who encouraged the City and Port to sign on to ARCHES, I am thrilled to see this project advancing. Investing in clean, renewable hydrogen is an incredible opportunity for the City of Long Beach. We will see cleaner air, benefits to our disadvantaged communities, and thousands of good-paying jobs created for Long Beach residents.  This project also marks a new era for our Port. Renewable hydrogen will significantly cut our emissions, reduce our dependency on fuel, and help meet our local clean energy goals.” – Vice Mayor Cindy Allen, City of Long Beach

The ARCHES hydrogen hub grant is going to be transformative. These funds will speed up our transition from dirty fuels for heavy industry and goods movement, directly benefiting people who live, work, or go to school in neighborhoods near industrial areas and trucking corridors. This grant gives me hope that soon, fewer children in our frontline communities will suffer from asthma and cancer.” – Deputy Mayor of Housing Connor Lock, City of Long Beach

“Communities like Oakland have historically been subjected to disproportionate air pollution, and have stepped up with support for clean and green technologies. We are thrilled that the State of California is acting to decarbonize the economy, and building a healthier future for people and the planet. Federal support too is a vital contribution to this important work. Congratulations to ARCHES for being selected for a sustainable statewide green hydrogen hub!” – Council Member Rebecca Kaplan, City of Oakland

“I’m proud of the work that so many of us in the Harbor community have put into this effort – including community groups, labor, local business, and nonprofit organizations – alongside the government agencies. Together, we have been working on this for years and I’m pleased to see this day. Working with Mayors Bass and Richardson and the Ports of LA and Long Beach, this funding gives us a real opportunity to reach our goals to decarbonize the San Pedro Bay and clean the air of the surrounding communities.” – Council Member Tim McOsker (15th District), City of Los Angeles

“I am thrilled that the Federal government continues to invest in California’s clean energy future. As we look towards a healthier and more sustainable future it is imperative that we leverage these opportunities to create good paying jobs for local residents. This partnership between labor and the private and public sectors to make it a reality will be a model we can replicate and bring to scale across the nation.” – Council Member Monica Rodriguez (7th District), City of Los Angeles


“This award and investment in ARCHES will bring more than 200,000 well-paying jobs to California, centered along the state’s major transportation corridor. This means reliable, clean energy careers for workers in a real and meaningful way, helping not only to provide employment, but also to build the economy across California.”- Chris Hannan, President, State Building & Construction Trades Council of California

“Hydrogen hub projects will drive economic opportunity across all demographics, creating thousands of good-paying union jobs and stronger energy security to improve the lives and futures of all Californians.” –Joseph Cruz, Executive Director, California State Council of Laborers. 

“We’re thrilled the federal government is investing in a once-in-a-generation effort to build hundreds of brand-new hydrogen-powered projects in California that will create thousands of new, high-paying jobs for union contractors and IBEW brothers and sisters. We’re ready to train the next generation of green energy workers and look forward to partnering with ARCHES to build the infrastructure that will drive our clean future.” – Jim Willson, Executive Director, Los Angeles County Chapter NECA & Joel Barton, Business Manager, IBEW Local Union 11


“Establishing a hydrogen hub in California is an investment in California’s future and bodes well for job creation in the state. Hydrogen is a clean technology that will be important to achieve our climate targets and is an emerging industry that needs to grow in California. Investments in California’s hub from the federal government will greatly assist in helping build critical infrastructure and foster additional investment.” – Jennifer Barrera, President & Chief Executive Officer, California Chamber of Commerce 

“We are proud to support ARCHES and are thrilled to see ARCHES secure critical federal funding for exciting clean renewable projects across the state. For too long, Latino communities throughout the Central Valley have been plagued by some of the worst air quality in the state, and the H2 projects as part of ARCHES will not only improve air quality but will bring hundreds of thousands of jobs, support local business and will help California reach our climate goals.”- Julian Canete, President & CEO, California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce

“The California African American Chamber enthusiastically supports ARCHES because of its commitment to a just and equitable hydrogen energy transition that prioritizes access to quality green jobs and engages disadvantaged business enterprises in hydrogen project development. This aligns perfectly with our mission to drive economic opportunity and wealth creation for African American businesses and individuals.” – Ahmad Holmes, Interim Chief Operating Officer, California African American Chamber of Commerce 


“The Port of Long Beach is committed to creating a path to zero-emission goods movement, with a goal of transitioning terminal equipment to zero emissions by 2030 and on-road trucks by 2035. Renewable hydrogen will be a key tactic in assisting us achieve those critical goals and we look forward to partnering with ARCHES to realize projects that will keep us moving ahead on that path.” – Mario Cordero, Chief Executive Officer, Port of Long Beach

“We are pleased the Department of Energy awarded federal funding to establish a renewable H2 hub in California. As we strive to advance the future of clean technology in California, we are encouraged by ARCHES’ emphasis in funding projects along California’s major transportation corridors to facilitate goods movement. We need all options on the table, and H2 technologies will be critical as our industry works to reduce emissions.” – Eric Sauer, Chief Executive Officer, California Trucking Association

“Hydrogen is a critical fuel source for California transit agencies to meet the state’s ambitious climate action goals of carbon neutrality by 2045 and a 48% reduction of greenhouse gasses by 2030. Already, dozens of bus agencies across the state are investing in hydrogen buses and fueling stations to decarbonize their fleets. As technology progresses, rail and ferry agencies will follow, ensuring we can eliminate tailpipe emissions across all modes. ARCHES will continue to build momentum behind further adoption of hydrogen technologies across the transportation sector and we are excited to work with ARCHES towards that future.” – Michael Pimentel, Executive Director, California Transit Association

Today’s announcement recognizing ARCHES as one of the federal hydrogen hubs established by the Inflation Reduction Act is great news for California. These investments will jumpstart new green careers while also building the infrastructure necessary to support the decarbonization of the heavy machinery used to build the roads and bridges that we all rely upon.” – Michael Quigley, Executive Director, California Alliance for Jobs

“The Port of Los Angeles is eager to partner with ARCHES in our quest to zero-emissions operations,” said Gene Seroka, Executive Director of the Port of Los Angeles. “We’ll use this grant, along with unprecedented levels of port funding, to support the purchase of hydrogen fuel cell powered equipment on all modes of transportation throughout the port complex. We are excited about the transformation that hydrogen will play in our zero emission future.” – Gene Seroka, Executive Director, Port of Los Angeles

“With ARCHES being awarded funding California maintains its role as leading the nation in investments in clean energy and developing a clean economy. The projects included in the ARCHES proposal will generate thousands of jobs and continue our commitment to continuing the commitment to working families in California.” – Jon Switalski, Executive Director, Rebuild SoCal Partnership

“The Port of Oakland is committed to meeting its vision for a zero emissions seaport by working with its terminal operators to convert diesel-fueled cargo handling equipment to zero-emissions, including green hydrogen fuel cell technology. This is an exciting opportunity for the Port of Oakland, our customers and tenants, and, importantly, our local community as the Port and City of Oakland work together to become a center for green tech innovation. We appreciate the leadership of the Newsom Administration and ARCHES and the funding support from the Department of Energy to advance these ambitious goals.” – Danny Wan, Executive Director, Port of Oakland


“The East Bay Clean Cities Coalition has long advocated for the incorporation of alternative fuels in order to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and clean our air. We are excited for ARCHES’ to accelerate the deployment of H2 technologies in order to reduce air pollution and reduce emissions from the transportation sector and ports, especially in and around historically disadvantaged communities and other vulnerable populations.” – Richard Battersby, Director, East Bay Clean Cities Coalition

“ARCHES is committed to a clean energy future for the people of California but also, just as importantly, is committed to ensuring the diversity of California is included in the process. Developing a clean hydrogen future for California is critical for our success in improving our air, cleaning our lands and improving our shores and we look forward to playing a role in projects that will help us achieve these critical goals.” – Bo Mazzetti, Chairman, Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians 

“Building a green hydrogen system in Southern California will have two major environmental benefits. The first is a significant reduction in carbon emissions, so vital to our effort to fight climate change.   The second is a dramatic reduction in the use of diesel fuels and in the creation of toxic diesel emissions. The transformation of our goods movement and port systems to the use of green hydrogen rather than diesel fuels in trucking, shipping, and port equipment will, in addition to reducing carbon emissions, have a dramatically positive impact on our air quality, especially in Southern California, and especially for members of communities living near freeways and ports with heavy use by long haul trucking.”  —Denny Zane, Policy Director, Move LA


“This federal funding will help launch a hydrogen hub here in Southern California and will greatly help accelerate LA’s conversion to clean, critical generation right here in the LA basin. This is a win for the environment and for LADWP’s power customers who want and need an affordable path to a clean energy future.” – Martin Adams, General Manager and Chief Engineer, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

“California’s award as a hydrogen hub is a game changer for not just the state of California—a leader in clean energy technologies and projects—but for the United States as well. As Europe works to advance a hydrogen future, efforts in the United States are warmly welcomed and offer opportunities for collaboration and partnership as we both work to decarbonize and build a clean energy environment for future generations.” – Bart Biebuyck, CEO, Green Energy Park and former Executive Director, Clean Hydrogen Partnership

“The Northern California Power Authority is proud to partner with ARCHES in pursuit of developing sustainable and renewable hydrogen production and storage. Our work will be critical to demonstrating how hydrogen can play a key role in decarbonizing the electric, transportation, and shipping sectors. The integration of hydrogen will assure that we are on track to meet clean energy goals, expand and maintain our existing union workforce, and ensure the reliability of the electric grid into the future.” – Randy Howard, General Manager, Northern California Power Authority


“Meeting our world-leading 100% clean energy and carbon neutrality targets requires us to develop diverse forms of clean energy. Green hydrogen—developed by carbon-free energy sources—will help power parts of our economy that can’t plug in and use electricity. Our hydrogen hub enabled by this federal funding will build out needed technology and infrastructure to provide clean energy across the state. Given accelerating climate change, there’s no time to waste.” – Wade Crowfoot, Secretary, California Natural Resources Agency

“With new federal hydrogen hub funding, California is accelerating down the path to carbon neutrality with creative energy solutions to decarbonize hard to abate sectors. In California, we’ve long led by example, and we remain laser focused on fighting climate change while maximizing benefits to the state’s most pollution-burdened communities.”– Yana Garcia, Secretary, California Environmental Protection Agency

“California is leading the clean transportation revolution, but we can’t do it alone. With this key federal investment in the ARCHES hydrogen hub, California will establish a nation-leading hydrogen economy that will, amongst many other benefits, help us electrify and diversify our fleets and make hydrogen-powered vehicles a reliable and affordable option for Californians.” – Toks Omishakin, Secretary, California State Transportation Agency 

“The future is zero emissions, and investments from our federal partners help accelerate the infrastructure that is needed to successfully switch our transportation system away from fossil fuels. The ARCHES project is an example of California’s innovative, results-driven, equity-focused leadership that is building the solutions needed to power a clean air future.” – Liane Randolph, Chair, California Air Resources Board

“California continues its global leadership in clean energy and zero emission transportation, now with $1.2 billion in DOE funding for ARCHES to produce and use clean and renewable hydrogen. This investment will support our transition to zero emission trucks, buses, port equipment, and other difficult to electrify activities, benefitting all Californians, especially our most pollution-burdened communities.” – Patty Monahan, Commissioner, California Energy Commission

“California’s Hydrogen Hub will support our commitment to reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change. The Biden Administration recognizes California’s constant innovation–we are international leaders in the green economy and this initiative will grow renewable hydrogen. In the coming years, ARCHES will lead to cleaning up various sectors: transportation, generation, goods movement, and industrial production.”- Hector De La Torre, Member, California Air Resources Board and Executive Director, Gateway Cities Council of Governments


“Berkeley Lab welcomes the Department of Energy’s announcement to help build and expand renewable, clean hydrogen projects in California and other states which will serve as a catalyst in accelerating our nation’s transition to clean energy. We are proud to have supported the University of California and the state of California in partnering with ARCHES by offering our technical expertise in hydrogen-related science and technology. We look forward to being a scientific and technical resource for the development and deployment of hydrogen in California as part of the wider effort to decarbonize the state’s economy.” – Carol Burns, Deputy Director, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory